Karen Hulbert Talks About the History of Sets The Captives Free Ministry:

Where it all began -

SCF - Victory to Freedom RanchMy journey with Sets Captives Free Ministry began around June of 2011 when I went to an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy seminar in Loveland, Colorado with Freedoms Trail Inc. to learn about interaction with horses and people. There, I watched and participated with the exercises and listened to the Speaker as he taught about the horses and how they understand what is going on with an individual. Horses will interact with people and will also bring out issues in their lives that haven’t been dealt with. At that time I thought I would be helping out at Freedoms Trail, but God showed me that wasn’t where I needed to be.

I had been taking care of my brother in Arizona and was traveling there every March and October after I had to put him in a Care Center because of his health. This went on for about 4 years, until he passed away in May of 2012 with Parkinson disease, which I had not known he had been dealing with until I talked with his doctor. The family came together in Arizona for our brother’s memorial service in June 2012. On the way back home I said to God, "I have done my part with my brother and now he is with you. What will you have me do now?" I heard a still soft voice say, "Wait and I will show you." I had been working at Calvary Worship Center for six years in different ministries and was enjoying where I was at that time, but God was preparing me for something more, although I didn’t know when He would use me.

I still had an interest in helping women with Biblical teaching and counseling through horses, so I went to a meeting for girls being saved from sex trafficking to offer to help there with horse therapy. When asked if I had a horse or a place to meet because they were in need of people with resources, I had to say no and God again closed the door to that need.


I thought that might be the end, but then God stepped in -

I received a letter from O.K. Corral Series about another seminar for Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. I was interested in the seminar, so I did my research to find out the place and time, all while asking God if this was where He wanted me to go. I filled out the form and emailed it to them. I was able to book a fight and car rental for the weekend of the seminar at a low rate and I knew that God was sending me there as part of His plan.

I received another email from O.K. Corral asking if someone could give a ride to a woman from the airport to the seminar, so I called, got the information, and contacted the lady that needed a ride. Her name was Loren and she was a retired missionary and had two horses. She had heard about the seminar and wanted to go, but because of little income, she could only afford the flight. I know that God placed her in my life. Loren was flying into Minneapolis airport around the same time I was, so we met at the luggage pickup and started our journey to Hinckley, Minnesota that night. She told me many stories about her missionary trips and how God had been with her. She talked about times of seeing Jesus heal the people she ministered to and how she couldn’t believe how the Christians back in the States didn’t believe that Jesus could heal people. God showed her that He wanted to use her 2 horses for women that were hurting. There was a lady at her church that was having problems and Loren asked her to come over so they would talk. As they were sitting at the corral with the horses, one of her horses came over and laid his head on the women that needed healing. Loren knew then what God wanted her to do and so she sign up for the Faith-Based EAP seminar.

I shared with Loren that I had no horse or land, but I knew God was leading me into a ministry with horses. We enjoyed the time together as God showed us what He wanted to do in our lives. On the last day of the seminar, which was filled with the Holy Spirit and scriptures, they asked each one to write what God had shown them for their ministry. It was then that God started to reveal to me what He wanted in His ministry. He gave me the name Sets Captives Free, with scripture 146:7c and 147: 2, “He sets the captives free, heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” Then He showed me that I would be working with women coming out of prison. Now, remember, I have no horse or land and I lived in the city of Colorado Springs, but I believed God would work out the details if this was His calling and Ministry for me. On the way home I took a couple days to talk with the Lord and read His Word to see what He wanted me to do. I didn’t have my computer with me, so I got on the hotels computer to look at my emails and there in my inbox was an email from a friend that works with women in prison and the subject line read, “Pray for the Children.” So, I opened up the email and God showed me another place for the ministry. God had given my friend a vision of a day camp for the inmate’s children where they could spend a day with horses, hiking, etc. The only problem was that she needed a ranch, and again, neither of us had one. The mission that God was showing her from her 7 year prison ministry and the ministry that He had shown me at the seminar were starting to become one. I emailed her back and told her I wanted to talk to her when I got back because God was showing me a ministry to the women in prison.


WOW! How God puts together His plan for the hurting women in prison and their children -

When I got home I had an appointment set up with my Pastor at Calvary Worship Center. When I met with him, he asked me how the seminar was. He said “I didn’t know you knew anything about horses,” so I shared with him how I had raised my son around horses and animals through 4H to keep him out of trouble. He asked me if I was being called into a ministry and I started to cry and share what God had laid on my heart about working with women coming out of prison. I also told him I was meeting with a friend that works in the prison ministry and how she had shared with me her vision of how God wanted to work with the children of inmates through a day camp. Pastor encouraged me to continue to go and see what God was showing me. I explained that we were looking for a ranch that would allow us to have this day camp and would allow me to perform the horse therapy. Pastor prayed with me and asked me to keep him informed on how things were going. He said that He knew God was calling me out into a mission for prisoner’s and their children and that he would be praying that God would give us a ranch and horses to do God’s calling.

I met with my friend that afternoon and told her about my seminar and the meeting with my Pastor. She shared what God had laid on her heart about the children because of the cry of the women in prison. We talked for hours about her ministry and what God was showing me for His ministry with the horses. God was pouring out many things for ministry with those women in prison and their children. My friend had talked with two people that told her that they had a ranch and wanted it to be used for the Lord’s ministry, but they didn’t have any animals or horses. Although it was a great start, we needed horses to complete our ministries. My friend also knew of a ranch that had 500 acres, 12 horses, ponds, places to hike, and more. We contacted them and asked if we could use that ranch. They wanted to charge for the ministries to use the ranch, but because God has shown both of us not to charge for the ministries, we weren't able to pay the fees to use the ranch. The families that are taking care of these children with parents that are in prison do not have the resource to pay for a day camp. We were not going to be charging anyone for theses day camps or my horse therapy, so we had to keep looking for another ranch. We were waiting on God to show us a ranch for His ministry to hurting women and children.


After those meetings I knew there was a calling on my life to minister to the broken hearted, wounded, and those in bondage to find liberty in Christ -

God had already given me the Ministry name and now He was giving me a vision about the ministry flyers and cards, so I contacted a friend who does graphic design and explained to her the look of the design that God had given me and how it was to read. I had her make up the 200 flyers and 100 cards and when I showed them to my Pastor he said, “You are serious about this ministry.” I told him I was and that God was showing me more of what He had called me to do with His ministry.

Another friend of mine came forward with her two horses and said that she would like to use her horses, if possible, to work my sessions, but she wanted to be involved with the ministry. I sat with her and we worked on a Facebook page for the ministry. She helped put together the page and was excited about the ministry that God had called me to. Again, God brought another person into my life with horses and was allowing me to get this Ministry started.

The last week of September 2012, a woman called my friend in the prison ministry to ask if she knew anyone that did horse therapy. I quickly came to mind, so she called me and gave me her phone number. She told me this lady had a 20 acre ranch, with horses, and that she was looking for someone who did horse therapy. My friend had given the lady my number and shortly after, the woman with the ranch called me and asked if I could come out to her ranch and meet her friend that was having issues with depression. Her friend's therapist told her she needed to have horse therapy, if she could find someone that was certified.

October 6, 2012, I went to the ranch and met with the woman that had depression. I shared with her about the Biblical counseling I had done at the church with women with depression, that had been abused, had an abortion, or were filled with fear and she starting crying. I also told her I was certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. I asked her if she would like to try the horse therapy and if she had ever been around horses. She responded that she would like to try the horse therapy, but she hadn’t been around horses and was a little concerned.

I had her do a simple exercise with the horses to get her familiar with the animals and the therapy. I had three horses brought into the round pen and watched how she interacted with the horses and how the horses interacted with her. As I observed, I notice different things about the woman and the horses. When we first walked into the round pen, the horses just wandered off. Then, when I had her stand in the middle of the pen, the horses came up to her and stood for a while. One whinnied and another stomped its foot and I thought she would be afraid and come back to me, but she just stood there by the horses. Eventually the horses wandered off again, but she just went over to one of the horses and reached out her hand. The horse rubbed its nose against her hand and then the woman came back over to me. I asked her what she thought about the horses. She explained that she felt rejected when she first came into the pen because the horses all wandered away from her. I asked her why she felt that way and she said people reject her, why wouldn't the horses. I knew this was an issue that needed to be faced. I told her that God will never reject her or leave her because He loves her more than anything. I explained that God wants her to know that He cares about her and would help her overcome this rejection.

I then asked her about the horses that were whining and stomping their feet and why she stood her ground. She said she was afraid, but for some reason she stayed there to see what would happen. I let her know that God hasn’t given her a “spirit of fear, but of a sound mind” and He will help her to overcome fear. There were other issues that were brought out with that session and after it was over, the women with depression was smiling and talking instead of crying. God had provided me with a ranch and with horses to help that woman and all women that are hurting.


Isn’t God good when we wait upon Him to do the work only He can bring forth? He has opened the door for the ministry that He is putting together -

The woman that called me to her ranch was so pleased with my session. She asked me how much I charged, but I told her it was God’s ministry and that He told me not to charge. She couldn’t believe that I wasn’t charging for my sessions. I explained that I do not heal, but the Holy Spirit heals and God uses the horses to touch and help these women face their issues. She said to me, “I want to use my ranch for God, so He can minister to women with my horses.” The woman that owns the ranch called later and asked if I would come back the next week.

She allowed me to minister to teens and women on her ranch, with her horses, at no charge to the ministry and I had been ministering there each week from that first day on October 6, 2012 until January of 2013. I was even able to get insurance in November 2012 for the horse therapy, which covered me and the ministry at the ranch. I will also be able to transfer the insurance to another ranch when God brings the right ranch for the ministry to be permanently stationed at.


I am waiting on God for answers that only He can bring forth -

I signed up for another Faith-Based EAP in Kansas and left in April to attend the seminar. Again this was a time of Spirit filled worship and working with the horses at the seminar. I was there for 2 days and learned a lot of new exercises with groups and horses. God spoke to me and said to wait and he would supply the needs of a ranch and horses. Different people at the seminar told me that God would supply the ranch for me. I returned from the seminar knowing God was still on the throne and would do what He wanted for the Ministry.

On the way to the seminar I got a text from one of the women I have been working with and she gave me a number to call about a place with 20 acres that was for rent. I texted her back and told her I would call when I got back from the seminar, although I didn’t end up calling the number she gave me until two weeks after I returned from the seminar. I was in prayer Thursday afternoon with the women from the church and after prayer time I had this warm feeling come over me. God told me to call that number, so I shared it with the women and they agreed that I should call and get more information about the 20 acres. I called and the gentleman told me about the ranch, what the place look liked, what was on the 20 acres and where it was located, but unfortunately, he had just left Colorado to return to South America and would not be back until July. I had come to find out that the ranch was located in Green Mountain Falls and it actually had 32 acres, but only 20 acres were fenced. It had a 3 stall stable, a round pen, and a small house on the property. I asked what he wanted to rent it and he said $350.00 a month. As I told him about my ministry and how I would use the ranch, he said since this is a ministry he would rent it to me for $300.00 a month and he would hold the ranch for me until he returned in July (WOW). God works in mysterious ways. He told me to go look at the place and gave me a number to reach him in South America. A friend of mine and I went to look at the place and I couldn't believe what God was showing both of us. I know that God is in control of this place and will show me what He wants to do with this ranch.


God is doing great and mighty things, Praise His Holy Name, what a mighty God we serve -

Three friends and I had been going out and praying over the ranch every Monday morning. God had shown us many things about the ranch and had sent others into my life to help with the ministry on the ranch. God has a special plan and I know He will work out the details as we wait upon Him to full fill His ranch. My son was told about 2 horses that needed a place, so I went out to see them and was around them for a while. These were the horses for the ranch. They were brought to the ranch after we cleaned up the stalls and arranged the corrals. They were donated to the ranch for the ministry and what a Blessing it is.

As soon as I signed the lease, we started cleaning up the ranch and getting it ready for the women that need help through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy with Biblical teaching. I transferred the insurance to the ranch in Green Mountain Falls where I will be able to do the horse therapy that God has called me to do with the women in prison.

The program has been approved by the Colorado Department of Correction; I was trained by Department of Correction for aftercare of the women who come out of prison and provide them with the horse therapy, bible studies, and personal items as they adjust into society after prison. I have 3 other women helping me with this ministry and we will come alongside of R.O.C. Prison Ministry as their "Aftercare" program for women coming out of prison.

God is faithful to those that will trust in Him to do the work He has called us to do for Him!